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What truly makes us unique is our people: our residents, their families and our staff. Below are written accounts from some of our own who help to make Lamar Court a great place to live.

“I thought the facility was well run, highly recommended and was the right price.”
Glenn L., Family of resident

“I think they do a great job. I selected Lamar Court because of their administration and the reputation of the facility.”
Victor O., Family of resident

“I have had so many positive experiences at the facility…I like all the staff…I think it’s a great place. I have appreciated the kindness of the staff.”
Nan J., Family of resident

“They provide her (mom) with good personal care…The staff is attentive to my mother and quick to respond to any problems or concerns.”
Keith S., Family of resident

“I just like it here! There’s always something good going on.”
Nina G., Resident

“I like two things about living at Lamar Court: the other people that live here are some real sweethearts! And we have a lot of people that work here that really truly care about the well-being of our residents.”
Henry C., Resident

“Well, I like it here and my husband LOVES it! Everyone is so nice and the staff is wonderful and I feel so comfortable here, more so than I ever thought I would.”
Louise R., Residents

“At my age I am delighted to have someone take out the trash, cook for me, dust, vacuum, etc…and it’s nice to have someone help me with my daily cares 24/7, even in the middle of the night…and the food is good. Lamar Court has assisted living that covers a lot of ground, we looked at others but nursing left at 8pm. We like have an LPN on duty and staff in the building 24/7.”
Richard & MaryJo K., Residents

“I love Lamar Court. I love to feel free, free to do what I enjoy doing. To have people truly hear you and to be immediately responsive means everything.”
Richard B., Resident

“I’ve been here nine and a half years and this is home. I invite friends here to play bridge or have dinner in the private dining room knowing they will be greeted graciously.”
Jean C., Resident

“I have a wonderful apartment; the floor plan creates a real sense of spaciousness. I enjoy the social aspect of dining with other residents, the dining staff makes you feel at home and the food is good. I also look forward to the great entertainment we have here at Happy Hour and Candlelight Dinner.”
Mary G., Resident

“I love the friendly staff at Lamar Court. In the dining room you can ask for second helpings just like at home. I really like our exercise program. Our Activity Director plans good programs and is very open to suggestions from the residents.”
Alice Y., Resident

“I love my surroundings at Lamar Court, the building is beautiful and so are the grounds. I have a lovely view from my apartment. I have only been here a short time but I have already made some great friends.”
Jim E., Resident

“It’s comforting to me to know that genuine people exist in the healthcare industry and I work with a majority of them.”
Jamie Wallace, Health Care Coordinator

“I like the residents and I try to make their days better and put a smile on their face. I like to do the extra things for them.”
Roselind Dawson, Environmental Services

“I like working at Lamar Court because everyone here feels like my family!”
Karen Brown, Dietary

“What I like most about Lamar Court is the family atmosphere. I feel like we are all a family…After being in the retirement industry for 20 years this community has felt like a warm gathering place.”
Chef Steve Burge, Dietary

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